Join The Beard Patrol

For the month of November you can grow a moustache, goatee or beard for 30 days to support the Testicular Cancer Foundation. If you can’t grow facial hair, you can sponsor someone who can or donate in honor of someone currently fighting a cancer that affects men’s health.

The Rules are Simple

  1. Begin November 1st with a clean shave.
  2. Donate $25 to the Beard Patrol
  3. You must, at all times, present a well-groomed appearance by keeping the growth neat, clean & trimmed.
  4. Shave by December 1st.

All donations raised from the Beard Patrol will go directly to the mission of the TCF to provide awareness, education and support about testicular cancer, the most common cancer in males ages 15–34. It’s 99% treatable if caught in Stage 1 so early detection is key. Help us raise money, awareness and save lives!

Learn more about Testicular Cancer Foundation at

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